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What is Kryptokrona?

Kryptokrona (XKR) Is a cryptocurrency which is private, quick, and optimized for nordic users.

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Our vision

  • To deliver a secure, private and fast alternative to fiat currency, such as the swedish crown.

  • To ensure Nordic excellence in development of secure systems and economic tools.



The advantages with Kryptokrona compared to the alternatives are many.

Private money

All transactions are private. Users can share view keys to give trusted parties access to to share account information.

Quick & efficient

Our network processes new transactions every 90 seconds, in comparison to Bitcoins 10 minute delay.

The peoples currency

You can assist Kryptokrona. Through mining you can create Kryptokrona and store them wherever you want to.

Peer to peer

The Kryptokrona isn’t dependent on central banks or servers, thus less fragile than todays systems.


Our source code is open for everyone to view and our community is open for anyone interested.

Technical support

You can get assistance with Kryptokrona, around the clock, every day of the week in our Discord server. Welcome for discussions.



Desktop Wallet


You store your Kryptokrona using a special program, a so-called wallet.

If you have a PC or a mac the best option is our desktop wallet.

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  • The wallet stores your private key so you can easily send and receive Kryptokrona.

  • If you don’t have access to a computer you can create a paper wallet.

Acquire Kryptokrona through mining

The easiest way to acquire Kryptokrona is to run a mining application on your computer.

Get started with mining
  • Through what’s known as mining the network looks for Kryptokrona. This mechanism secures the network.

  • You are automatically rewarded by the network for your computer’s work

Mobile Wallet

We just released our new mobile wallet app for Android! Get it while it’s hot!

Get it on Google Play
  • Use your phone to send and receive XKR payments easier than ever!

  • The safety of your account is secured, as your private key never leaves your device!

Hugin Messenger

Our messaging service Hugin Messenger is independent from central servers, which guarantees that only you and your chat partner can read your messages.

Learn more
  • Hugin uses the Kryptokrona network to send and receieve messages between wallets.

  • You can also use Hugin Messenger as a regular wallet.

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You can also help the Kryptokrona network in many ways!


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