Hello, folk!

Recent times have been eventful and fun for the kryptokrona community, and it’s all thanks to you guys! A fantastic and helpful community.

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Exchanges, exchanges, exchanges!

Many have asked us if you can buy Kryptokrona on any exchanges, and now we can proudly say that we’re available on not only one – but two exchanges! (We will soon be listed on a third!)


We, the management of XKR, have wondered whether the total supply of XKR was optimal at 1000 billion. The smallest asset you can trade crypto for is 1 satoshi (0.00000001 BTC). If you multiply that by 1000 billion you get 10000 BTC as the lowest possible value of XKR. We concluded that it was too much and would be difficult to achieve. With this in mind, we decided to have a democratic vote whether to “devalue” the Kryptokrona by placing the decimal separator three steps to the right, so 1000.00 XKR would be 1.00000 XKR instead.

We did as planned and held a democratic vote in our Discord. The results are shown here:

In other words, the results were a landslide victory to devalue the XKR, which we now have done.

This means the following properties now apply for the kryptokrona network:

Total Supply of XKR: 1 000 000 000,00000 XKR
Decimals: 5, that is, 1,00000

As a user you only need to update your wallet software, which is automatic, with exception for the terminal wallet which you can download here

Hugin Messenger takes new steps

Our flagship, Hugin Messenger is being developed to something completely new. The ability to send encrypted messages with ease without middle hands is big in itself, but what Hugin Messenger (soon) will be capable of is something much bigger.

2020 has been completely dominated by the pandemic and we’ve all done our best to adapt to the situation. However, at Kryptokrona we see the light during these dark times. When humanity is challenged, it always leads to the development of technology and solutions to the problems we are faced with.

We at Kryptokrona have always worked remotely, for example. We have no office where we meet to do our work. We chat in a Discord or discuss through Hugin and we can still accomplish great things. This is something that the general public now has gotten a taste for. Perhaps the office will be a forgotten concept soon  when normal people around the world realise that you don’t need to be at a physical spot to be productive.

This brings huge opportunities, but also risks. An example of this is Zoom.

Zoom is a fantastically useful app, sure, but it has obvious security flaws. Hackers have time and time again shown how they can exploit zoom in various ways. This has pushed Zoom to fix its shortcomings, and it is now much more secure than before.

Sadly a system like Zoom can never be as safe as a decentralized system because all traffic passes through Zoom’s servers. As a user, you simply need to trust that Zoom doesn’t use your private calls for surveillance, or worse. At Kryptokrona, we believe humanity deserves better. We don’t believe there should be any risk that your private video or voice communications are wired by any companies, authorities or unauthorized people.

We believe that you deserve Hugin-safety, even with voice and video calls. That is why we present to you, Hugin Messenger with voice and video calls!

How does it work?

As you probably know by now, Hugin uses the blockchain to safely send encrypted messages to the right person, without having to go through a server. Everything can be served from a node, either your own or a public one in the network.

WebRTC is a technology used to create a direct connection between two computers on the internet, to stream data. This technology is used by Discord, Zoom, Skype, e.t.c for communication.

The problem with WebRTC is that our competition uses it in a centralized manner, even though the technology is P2P at its core. So, if you connect to a call in Discord or Zoom, your data is sent through WebRTC to their servers, where they’re encoded in a so-called MCU and then it’s sent to your partner. As you probably understand, this is a very CPU and broadband intensive operation, which leads to issues with scaling.

In other words, that extra step isn’t necessary. You can connect directly to your partner and stream video and voice, without any third parties. This can scale infinitely because it’s not a central server that is affected upon usage, but the users own broadband and computing power. Compared to our competition, this is a “silver bullet” to a problem that they simply can not solve with their centralized systems.

However to establish a connection a central system is required, at least before. With Hugin Messenger, we’ve managed to compress one of these requests to establish a connection (called SDP) with WebRTC from over 2000 characters to less than 200 – which means that a connection through Hugin is possible!

This is a huge step, not only for Hugin but also for WebRTC in general. We have, in theory, solved the biggest problem with WebRTC – signalling. Signalling can now be done through Hugin and for the first time in the world establish video connections without any central servers. We don’t want anyone to underestimate the potential in this!

In response to the pandemic, a lot of companies and groups have been required to have their meetings through Zoom and it works well for the most part. However, many companies and authorities require far better security than what Zoom can offer. For example, the military, or doctors that have virtual visits with patients. These groups can’t possibly use Zoom, because Zoom can’t possibly deliver the safety they require.

Hugin, on the other hand, has top-class security and can open up the world to a safe virtual working-environment for millions of people!

We at Kryptokroa believe it will change the lives of many people and we’re glad to reach out a helping hand in these trying times.

More information will be available soon!