What is Hugin?

Hugin is a messaging service where messages are stored on the kryptokrona blockchain. Your messages are secured with industry leading encryption so that only you and your chat partner have the possibility to read them. The purpose is not to gather any personal information about the users, unlike most apps and social media.


Unzip and open the executable file in the .zip file that you can download here:

In Windows, you install Hugin Messenger with the exe file and in Linux it automatically installs the wallet, and opens immediately when the installation is complete.

In OSX, you need to move hugin-messenger.app to the Applications folder and then approve the application in security settings in order to run it.

First start

When you first start Hugin Messenger, you are greeted by a welcome screen that creates a new account for you.

Now you are soon ready to start using Hugin, but first you need to transfer some coins to your account.

Hugin addresses

At the top of the app you can see your Hugin address. The address has two parts, a common kryptokrona address used to transmit coins, and then a message key needed to send messages.

When transferring coins to your account you are only interested in the “Payment address” section.

If you want to chat with a friend, you can click the “COPY” to copy both parts, which you then send to your chat partner.

You can also create a xkr.se address here.

Transfer XKR

When transferring coins to your account you are only interested in the “Payment address” section. Copy this and transfer from your wallet.

A message costs 0.00001 XKR to send plus 0.0001 XKR in mining fee. In total, a message costs 0.00011 XKR.

So 1 XKR is enough for almost 10,000 messages.

In the picture you see that it says 0 (+1000). This means the money is on its way, but not yet confirmed. Wait a minute until it only says 1000, then you’re ready to start using Hugin Messenger!

Send messages

To send a message, click the + sign at the search field and enter your recipient’s hugin or xkr.se address. If the address is correct, two green check marks appear, one at the recipient address and one at the message key.

Now, just chat!

Ok, all done!

Have a good time with the chatting, and feel free to send a line to admin.xkr.se.