We are delighted to introduce our new Wallet!






Unzip and run the executable file that was contained in the .zip-file. In Windows and Linux the wallet is installed automatically and opened when the installation is completed. On macOS you need to manually move kryptokrona-wallet.app to the Application folder.

First time

When you open Kryptokrona-wallet for the first time you will see the following screen:

Welcome screen in the Wallet app.

From here you can either open an existing wallet file (including those that was generated by the terminal wallet), import a wallet using private keys, or create a new wallet.

For this guide we have opted to choose how to create a new wallet, that means that we select CREATE NEW WALLET.

Viewscreen for creating a new wallet

Click on the folder icon and choose what to name and save your wallet, then enter a password and hit CREATE

Viewscreen for opening wallet

If you just created a new wallet file, the path to that file will be automatically set, if you opted to use an existing wallet file the you will have to press the folder icon and navigate to it yourself.

Enter your password and select the default node pool.kryptokrona.se:11898.
You can also choose your local node by selecting in the node list.

(OBS! You will have to have run kryptokrona.exe or likewise on Linux/Mac if you switch from pool.kryptokrona:11898)

Then select OPEN and after a few seconds loading you will be faced with the main interface.

Main interface for the wallet.

If you created a new wallet then you are ready to send and receive Kryptokronor! If you opened an old wallet it will probably take some time to sync your wallet to the network.

You will know when its done when SYNCED is displayed in green in the left corner.