You will need:

  • A Linux computer (we use ubuntu in the guide.)
  • A webserver (apache, nginx, etc)
  • Redis
  • Node.js

This guide won’t tell you how to install the above listed software, instructions can be found on their respective sites.

Step 1 – Create a Pool-Wallet

Download kryptokrona for linux here:
Extract the package, open a terminal and navigate to the folder you just unzipped.
To generate a new wallet for the pool, execute the following command:

./kryptokrona-service -w choose_name -p choose_password --rpc-password choose_api_password -g

Then look for the following row in the output:

New wallet is generated. Address: SEKReXZwimuUSeC1EAnhw62Yc1XLgAHS6RYRTN6Lw9nYCxWSrvRzSM5Qc1NxKXaSwR4Pt7Qw3vN4k5dTMgfyEYezQNxdpZ3ACbf

The adress above is the new adress of the pool so save it because you will need it in the configuration file for the pool later.

Kryptokrona-service will manage the payments from the pool, so you will need to run it parallel to the pool software.
Start it with this command:

./kryptokrona-service -w your_name -p your_password --rpc-password your_api_password

The next step is to clone and install the pool-software. Do this by entering the following commands in the terminal:

git clone
cd kryptokrona-pool
npm install

then enter the config.json-file and change:

"password": "<replace with rpc password>"

So that it matches the password that you choose in kryptokrona-service. Then change the following to your address:

"poolAddress": "SEKReTyRMJx2LTUrbf2r7GdMJ9PY5yHbYN6MCZkKUVvKZSwwwf3HnUS6Jia3TkD4jWgfxeh1AEYV3DKEAesSb7mSAvNqfCNBXrg",

After that it is time to copy the contents of kryptokrona-pool/website to your web servers rootfolder, usually in /var/www/html.

Finally it is time to start the kryptokrona-node with ./kryptokrona (if you are having problems syncing, add —add-exclusive-node, let the node software run and open a new terminal, navigate to the folder kryptokrona-pool and execute node init.js to start the pool!

After that you can enter your ip-adress of domain name into a browser to reach the pool.