Unpack and open the runnable file in the .zip file you can download here:

In Windows you install the wallet with the exe file and in Linux the wallet gets installed automatically and opens when the installation is complete.

In OSX you need to move to the applications folder and allow it in the safety settings to run it.

First start

Here you can either open an existing wallet-file or create a new wallet.

The wallet files generated from the old desktop wallet and the terminal wallet are not compatible, but need to be re-imported with a seed or a private key.

In this guide we will cover how to create a new wallet, so we’ll click on Create a New Wallet

Create an account

Now your wallet has been generated and you see your address “SEKR…” and a unique identicon which is a graphical representation of your address.

Click Next to continue.


Now it’s time to choose a password to encrypt the local wallet file with, confirm the password and press Next to continue.


Here’s the important part, with your mnemonic seed you can restore the wallet, making it the ultimate backup for your wallet. It is important that you write it down and store it safely, to avoid losing your Kryptokrona.

Press Copy to Clipboard and then Next to continue.

Double check

Here you paste your seed to make sure you’ve saved it, giving you the opportunity to save your wallet file.

Click “Save Wallet As” to continue.


Give the wallet-file a fitting name, select folder and click save.

Log in

When you’re done you’re greeted by the log in screen.

Here you write the password you chose to encrypt the wallet with and press Login to continue.


All your transactions will be displayed here.

Your balance is shown in the yellow box on the top of the screen.

The menu with all icons is displayed to the left.


If you press the Send icon you can send transactions by giving a SEKR address, amount to be transferred and eventually a payment ID. Just click send to confirm the transaction, and it’ll be sent to the Kryptokrona network where it’ll be confirmed in the blockchain within 90 seconds.


Press the Receive icon to see your receive address, create integrated addresses and to get a unique QR code for your SEKR address.

Contact list

Click the contacts list icon to access your contacts list. Here you can add contacts by clicking the icon below the yellow box.

Add a contact by typing a name, SEKR address and eventually a payment ID and press the save icon


When you’ve receieved your first transaction it will be displayed in the welcome screen.


You can expand the transaction to get more information about when it was confirmed in the blockchain by pressing the little dot.

That was all!

Beyond the wallet there’s also a generator where you can create “paper wallets” locally in your browser for cold storage of Kryptokrona.

(The seed generated can be imported in any wallet application.)

Wallet Generator

Now you have a functioning wallet to send and receive Kryptokrona with!

If you need any assistance you can always join our Discord with the button below!