Kryptokrona is a cryptocurrency based upon TurtleCoin, a coin that is forked from Bytecoin (which is fundamental to for example Monero).

Kryptokrona was launched on the 2 April 2019 as an answer to the Swedish Riksbanks E-Krona and is a decentralized cryptocurrency.

Kryptokronan is trying to emulate a decentralized bank, that prints digital cash, which are fully anonymous for the sender and receiver in every transaction.

The collective computing power and number of miners competing to find the next block of kryptokronor will ensure the networks resistance to attacks and enable speedy payments.

Cryptocurrency, like other material goods such as gold, can only be mined using energy.
There are a limited number of kryptokronor that in time and growing number of users on the network will be more scarce to procure, this mechanism will safeguard the currency from inflation.

Kryptokronor can be used for more than just payments.
The platform can support decentralized applications like a voting system or messaging services.

Specifications of Kryptokronan:

Total supply: 1 000 000 000 000.00
Decimals: 2
Blocktime: 90 sec
Algorithm: Cryptonight Turtle*

(The algorithm may be changed to a CPU-optimized, asic resistant algorithm called Chukwa in due time.)