NFT avatars are coming to Hugin!

Tired of being stuck with your autogenerated identicon avatar on Hugin? Fear not! Soon in the future you will be able to sport your favorite NFT as a Hugin avatar. To celebrate we have released a collection of special Hugin NFT avatars on OpenSea! These NFT avatars will also grant you a special honorary title in Hugin, as a thanks for helping support our cause to make privacy in communications available to everyone.

Get yours today!

The first 10 people who sends a Hugin message with their Polygon address to the claim address will receive a free mint with a pimped out version of their actual identicon! Claim address: SEKReVzc9U6SRhPEZ8RgfGa1GWVxiwPuz3dLaqLFcQmPbhxE8ZRMuGwB5ST68NJzKdLsy37GfLqaoRe5WNjqAkaqcujbxBqfuLMf808d15bd7cb8a1d6b6dc0e7d22c7a2475d0635db3be5763e8ebea5328574e32


But how will NFT avatars work?

Remember OpenAlias? If you don’t, OpenAlias is a way to publish your crypto addresses in a easy to read format. At XKR we have been giving away free OpenAlias addresses with the format, where user123 can be changed to whatever you please. Your OpenAlias address stores your XKR address and Hugin message key, but with this new proposal we would also store details about your NFT avatar in the address.

Previously, we have been struggling to find a decentralized way of storing and quickly retrieving multimedia such as avatar images for Hugin, but now the industry has settled on the in and outs of doing so with NFTs. NFT media are (generally) stored on IPFS, a decentralized storage solution, and their ownership governed by smart contracts on ETH, Polygon or another smart contract powered platform.

What we’re proposing is using NFT’s in Hugin by adding more data points to OpenAlias, namely the IPFS link, the NFT ownership address, and a signature that authenticates that the owner. Then the user will append their OpenAlias address to their messages, allowing other users to read and fetch the avatar information to load the avatar. If you like the idea, show your support by getting one of our special edition Hugin NFT Avatars from OpenSea: