We’ve just passed the end of the 2020 and the team would like to thank everyone who helped us last year. It’s been a tough year for many, however it’s also been a year where Hugin and Kryptokrona has been able to grow thanks to the demand for private, robust and innovative communication methods.

Our Desktop Wallet was released April the eleventh

Our dev team has released many new applications during the year, the first was our new desktop wallet for mac and windows! The first version was released the eleventh of april and after that we’ve updated it with automatic updating, the revolutionising OpenAlias was implemented the first of may!

In case you’ve missed OpenAlias, it allows you to have your Kryptokrona wallet connected to a regular domain name. We at Kryptokrona give free .xkr.se domains, so you can ask all your friends to send XKR to for example santa.xkr.se instead of: SEKReTyRMJx2LTUrbf2r7GdMJ9PY5yHbYN6MCZkKUVvKZSwwwf3HnUS6Jia3TkD4jWgfxeh1AEYV3DKEAesSb7mSAvNqfCNBXrg etc..

Neat, huh? Get an .xkr.se domain here!

Android Wallet

In the beginning of august we also released our mobile app for Android which you can find here! We already have hundreds of users, which is amazing. Hopefully we can soon release a version for iPhone, more information will be available next year!

Change of Decimals

October the 23 this year, our community chose to go from 2 decimals and 1000 billion total supply to instead having 5 decimals and 1000 million total supply. The reason behind this was that the individual price of every Kryptokrona would be too low, which made trading on exchanges difficult.

Our first exchange listing the 18th of november!

For many of us this year’s greatest event was when we got listed on Altilly, a crypto exchange that was interested by us immediately. Because it was our first exchange we also got our first valuation! It can be said that the market has been at a disagreement of the price, since it’s been from 0.1% of a cent to over 0.3 dollars! Either way with the help of the price data from Altilly we’ve been able to expand our presence on CoinGecko, Altpocket and Blockfolio!


As many of you know by now, Altilly was hacked last week, and now a lot of investigation it became clear it was the host that hadn’t informed that 2fa needed to be activated for both the email and username. With a bit of luck Altilly will be back and we’ll be on there! For anyone that had crypto on the exchange with a value over 10 dollars you can find information on https://altilly.com regarding how to get it back.

Since then we’ve also been listed on the smaller exchange BTCsquare.ne and also FreiExchange.com!

We’ve set up a donation pool where you can help us expand the project for example payments to get listed on bigger exchanges, or to hire help to develop certain things. Please consider donating!

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • LTC
  • XKR

hugin messenger in action!

Hugin v0.0.7 was released the 23 November with functions like file sharing, video calls and calls – all completely p2p of course! Read more about the update here.

This was a huge step for both Hugin Messenger and Kryptokrona, since we see a huge demand for privacy focused video and voice communication applications. With these functions in place we can combat a real world problem that has sadly intensified during the pandemic 2020.

Next year we will work on implementing Hugin Boards into the app, which will function like groups, forums or group chats with different levels of security. For example we would like to have a completely open board where everyone can read and write, and that would obviously have a different level of security than the group chat for a company.

With boards we believe we could get more people to stay in the app, since there isn’t much to do for a first time user when you’ve got no one to talk with. With boards you get access to an engaging social network where you can create new contacts immediately.

We’ve also managed to get kryptokrona-wallet-backend-js, the part of the mobile wallet that handles contact with the blockchain, to handle hugin messages!

This means it’s just a matter of time before we release Hugin for mobile units. Hooray!

On top of that the new version has support for ledger-integration, so our plan is to as soon as possible create a new ledger app for Kryptokrona!

We also made sure to ask our discord server what their best memories from the year were, here are some of the answers we received:

“The shutdown of our website riksbanken.lol by the swedish federal bank”

“Collecting money for an exchange”

“The best memory was talking about it and joining they heart warming and welcoming discord”

“The start of mining the coin and get to know more about mining and the coin it self”

”being the first non-swede on the team”

That’s all, folks! Have a nice 2021 everyone!